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"About The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon"

The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon is His Majesty the King Personal Project for eliminating opium growing. Established in 1979, the Station servers as a research centre for a wide variety of the highland fisheries, in order to develop the livelihood of the hill tribe farmers. It also serves as a centre to disseminate knowledge and new innovation derived from the research of the sustainable highland farming to other regions.

Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon located on National Park DoiInthanon in AmpherJomthong, Chaiangmai Province. And average point above sea level is 1,200 meters. The agricultural research area in the station over 513 rai and there are 8 villages that the Station take responsible and these villages are hill tribe of Hmong and Karen.

Sightseeing Spots in the Station
The Royal 80th Anniversary Garden

The garden was built in 2007 to commemorate His Majesty the King’s 80th birthday anniversary. The garden has been with a variety temperate flower plants.

Siribhume Waterfall & Siribhume Royal Garden

Siribhume Wanderfall, scenically flowing down in twin streams, was originally called Lao-Lee Waterfall. It was renamed in 1971 by M.R. Chakthong Thongyai, a former Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives, to enhance the prestige of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen
Siribhume Royal Garden, gracefully located in front of the Siribhume Waterfall is a natural garden, adorned with all kinds of ferns sprouting along the 500- metre long natural trail.


Rhododendron Garden

The garden assembles a wide range of Rhododendron plants such as Azalia and other species, including many internationally marketed species. Some species are gathered from the natural breeding sources such as Kham Daeng or Kham Doi (Rhododendron arboreum) which are naturally grown on the highlands in Thailand such as Doi Inthanon,


Ferns Greenhouse

The hall houses a vast variety of ferns, both local and foreign species. Some species are nearly extinct, and some are scarcely found in the natural habitat.
Carnivorous Plants Greenhouse
The hall houses a variety of species of carnivorous plants which are suitable for growing in the highland weather condition such as Nepenthes. Pinguicula, Sarracenia.


Flower and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse

The hall displays various kinds of flower and ornamental plants promoted by the Royal Project Foundation such as Orchid, Begonia, and Anthurium.


Hydroponics Vegetables Greenhouse

The hall houses temperate vegetables grown by the hydroponics gardening system which in the method of cultivating without soil, highlighting the five kinds of salad vegetables promoted by the Royal Project Foundation such as Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Green Oak Lettuce, Red Oak Lettuce,

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